My craziest gambling session

For many years I have been very interested in casino games. I wouldn’t exactly call myself a gambling addict or anything like that, I generally have a very strict budget that I use for gambling only, and I do it as a hobby. However, I do like to play casino games a lot and I think that it’s one of the most fun activities to do on your free time. I would like to share with you the craziest casino adventure I have ever experienced. This took place over a few hours a couple of years back when I had first gotten into casino gaming.

I started of chasing new exciting casinos at my usual hub for gaming, (a gaming portal that reviews online casinos – they also have a casino online facebook page that you can check out!). I signed up to a few new casinos which were offering freespins without deposits, and I soon got into a nice flow. I started playing at a website called Casumo, which I found to be a very interesting online casino, as the games are structured so that it follows a plotline almost. Casumo is what you could call an interactive casino, we’re the actual casino games are just part of the experience. Anyhow, I managed to get a bonus of 100% on my first deposit, and I started to look through the Net Entertainment selection of slot machines, and finally settled on a machine called Jack Hammer, which is a very popular game among slot players around the world.

On the very first spin, on my €2 bet, I managed to hit 5 freespin-symbols, which gave me 15 free spins with triple payouts. On the first 10 spins or so I didn’t hit anything, but then all of a sudden, I managed to get to really good spins which paid over €250 into my account, and I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had only played for a minute or so, and had already won a lot of money.

Now here’s the thing: Normally when you manage to get a big win into your account, you shouldn’t keep playing, but you should go straight to the cash out and withdraw your winnings. Unfortunately, the gamer in me convinced me that this would be a day of good luck, and so I decided to continue playing. After all, I had just started my session, so I couldn’t very well just leave the casino – I had planned a good gaming session the whole day! So I decided to change up a bit, and so I left Jack Hammer, and started to play blackjack. I learned basic strategy quide that I found on some time ago, so I figured that with a €300 bankroll, I should be able to play for at least a couple of hours considering the house edge was so low. However, luck was not on my side, and within the first hour I had lost almost everything of the win I previously won.

This brought my mood down. I had about €50 left, and I figured I might as well lose that too if today wasn’t going to be my day. I then decided to try out a new slot called Scarface, which is based on the classic crime-movie with the same name. Just like I expected, I wasn’t doing to good, and my previous luck seemed to have vanished a long time ago. I was down to my last €10 when I managed to get to one of the bonus rounds of the game and hit an amazing winning streak which resulted in over €3000 in winnings, which is my biggest win ever in online gaming! It’s safe to say that I wouldn’t make the same mistake as I did earlier that evening – This time I went straight to the cash out to have the money transferred into my bank account!

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